I love using the Arnicare gel for all my sore muscles! Those aching shoulders and especially after walking long distances on vacation. Yes, I bring it with me on my trips too! I also use it on my children especially after sports activities.

Vivian from Vancouver

I use Arnicare Gel a LOT because I am constantly out hiking and carrying bulky and heavy camera equipment trying to get great shots of wildlife. By the end of the day, my body is exhausted and the Gel eases the pain. Having a heavy camera strapped around my neck and a backpack of equipment really takes its toll! The Arnicare Gel also helps with the bruises that I have from running into branches and rocks while chasing birds trying to get the best shot with my camera! This is a product that I make sure I never run out of!

Susie from Penticton




Dr Prouse

Dr Matta

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